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Thank you for using www.coacaig.org to supply your ACA meeting group with books, booklets, workbooks, trifolds, chips, tokens and the various assembly kits ACA offers. We are happy to offer a 30% discount and free shipping to Colorado addresses, for groups whose meetings are registered with the ACA WSO and who designate the Colorado ACA Intergroup as their intergroup. We will ask you to include your WSO number (such as CO0101  or WEB0829) at the time of your order.

We ask individuals to purchase literature through their meeting group.

The ACA World Service Organization has granted our Colorado Intergroup a 30% discount toward the purchase of every item. That means we can purchase a $1.00 chip for .70 cents or $100 worth of various supplies for $70. Along with free shipping, your group can realize tremendous savings.

A suggested way to have a healthy group is to support both the World Service Organization and the Colorado Intergroup. WSO is a wonderful resource for most everything ACA and as an Intergroup on the local level, we are striving to be of full service to Colorado ACA Meetings.

Donations made to the Intergroup will help to cover the free shipping we offer as well as helping  to fund ACA related workshops and events. Through the dedication of several volunteers with Colorado ACA,  we have a Monthly Newsletter to  keep ACAs informed of related happenings and a FaceBook page to follow.

Order Fulfillment Options used by COACAIG:

1) For Orders Totaling Less Than $100 at the Regular WSO price (as listed on the order form)

We will fulfill your order from the COACAIG inventory and cover the cost of shipping your items to your Colorado location or we may also be able to deliver your order to you in person, at the time of your ACA meeting. If proximity allows, we can meet at an agreed upon location and time.

One Note: Your order may be delayed if  we need to order additional inventory from WSO.

2) For Orders Totaling More Than $100 at the Regular WSO price (as listed on the order form)

We will fulfill your order and it will be shipped directly from the WSO warehouse to the Colorado address you indicated on the order form. This way, we can use our 30% Discount code and have WSO fulfill the order and ship it directly to you.

Once your order is complete, you will receive an invoice via email that will reflect your 30% savings. You will see the cost of the shipment to be covered by the ACA Colorado Intergroup.

Using the Ordering Form: (We suggest ordering on your computer rather than on your phone)

NOTICE: If you ARE NOT ORDERING 9-month chips, please continue using this ordering form. But, if you NEED TO ORDER 9-month chips, please DO NOT use this form. Instead, send a list of the items that you would like to purchase to literature@coacaig.org. You will then receive an invoice from the literature chair with further instructions. Thank you for your patience.

  1. Fill in the beginning of the form with all required information including your WSO #.
  2. Under “Navigate To”, click a section and then click Next to order from that section.
  3. Type in the # of items you would like to order.
  4. To order from a different section, scroll to “Navigate To” click a section and click Next.
  5. When you are done ordering, click Submit at the bottom and click Next.
  6. Click the final Submit button.
  7. You will see, “Thank you! Your order has been submitted”

At This Point:

  1. You will receive an email of your invoice and the COACAIG literature chair will also receive an email of your invoice.
  2. Your final part is to make the payment shown on your invoice by using any of the Payment Methods described below and then email literature@coacaig.org with a copy of your payment along with questions or concerns you may have.
  3. Once payment is received, we will fulfill the order either with our stock or through WSO.
  4. We will keep you posted on your shipment via email.

Payment Methods:

For all payment methods, please include your ACA Meeting Name and “Literature” in the memo line.

  1. To pay via Zelle use Colorado ACA Intergroup and treasurer@coacaig.org.
  2. To pay via PayPal use the Pay via Paypal button below.
  3. To pay via Venmo use @Colorado-ACA-Intergroup.
  4. Send a check or money order made out to Colorado ACA Intergroup (please do not send cash) to: Colorado ACA Intergroup, 1090 S Wadsworth Blvd Unit C – 3330, Lakewood, CO 80226

COACAIG will pay for shipping but we cannot be responsible for problems due to shipping, although we will do what we can to help you resolve any issues.

Free and Translated ACA Literature
Browse to ACA Free and Translated Literature for literature you can download. Click on individual titles to see what translations are available.

If you have any questions regarding literature, please email literature@coacaig.org.