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How to Start a Meeting

  1. Read, download and/or print the free Guidelines for New Meetings brochure.
  2. If you haven’t already, sign up for The Traveler monthly newsletter to keep up with announcements, news and events from around the ACA fellowship.
  3. If there is an Intergroup nearby, they can offer support.  You can also find other resources directly from other Intergroup websites.
  4. Get the word out to your community by placing ACA Trifolds (Finding Emotional Sobriety25 Questions – Am I an Adult Child, etc) in libraries, with counselors, community bulletin boards, and/or with other 12 Step fellowships (subject to their permission).  These and other trifolds can be purchased directly from WSO.
  5. Register the meeting with WSO.
  6. The Sample Format can be used, in the beginning, until the group decides to hold a group conscience meeting to make changes.
  7. The Handbook for Adult Children, starting on page 557 in our fellowship text, also offers assistance and includes a meeting format.