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Service Opportunities

Service Opportunities:

  • Outreach: The Hospitals and Institutions (H&I)/Public Information (PI) Committee serves to carry the ACA message through outreach to suffering adult children in hospitals, prisons, as well as outreach and education for healthcare professionals and even to local AA clubhouses. We need volunteers to carry the message.
  • Fundraising: We need volunteers to help raise the funds necessary to carry out our good work.
  • Monitoring our support lines: We need volunteers to monitor and respond to our email, voice, and text lines.
  • Events: Volunteers are needed to create, organize, and run events.
  • Sponsorship Workshop: Volunteers are needed to form a committee to develop workshop ideas and details.
  • Sponsorship Stories: The IT Committee continues to seek anonymous stories from our Colorado members about their experiences sponsoring and/or being sponsored. We are in the process of building a space on the COACAIG website to provide support and information about sponsorship and to share these stories. We believe these stories may inspire and support members who are wondering about whether they want to sponsor or are struggling to find a sponsor.